Sin Mudra—Asanam – The seal found on the hands of all Siddhas Index finger-wind, middle finger-earth, ring finger-earth and little finger-water. Our body, which contains the five great Buddhas, loses its equilibrium due to fluctuations in them and becomes prone to disease. In those cases one is protected from losing balance while doing mudras. The index finger should be folded and attached to the tip of the thumb and the other three fingers should be stretched forward. This will reduce anger, unify the mind and reduce blood pressure, which is a very important seal. Do it for 15 minutes daily. No special asanas are required for this, it can be done sitting on the floor or in a chair, sitting at one’s convenience. Willingness and patience are very important.


It can also be called Dhyana Mudra. This is a Yoga Mudra. If you press the index finger and thumb evenly without applying too much pressure, the brain capacity will increase. Memory develops. Conditions such as palpitations, inability to concentrate, insomnia, fatigue etc. will be removed.


An equal seal of equal power

Our body contains the energies of Panchabhutas. The fingers act as its power centers. Thumb – Agni, Index finger – Vayu, Middle finger – Air, Ring finger – Earth, Little finger – Water. When the energies of these five elements are balanced in the body, balance occurs in the body and mind. When imbalances occur in this balance, it manifests as disease. If there is too much soil in panchabhutas, body weight will increase and lethargy will occur. If this is reduced, the muscles and bones become weak. Excess water can cause swelling of hands, feet and face. If it decreases, the skin will be dry, thirsty, and look older. If the fire increases, body heat will increase. If less, hormonal deficiencies will occur. If Vayu and Agaya Buddhas increase or decrease, physical and mental problems will occur. That is why it is said that the five fives must be in balance. A simple way to do this is with an equal stamp. As the five elements are balanced, the body gets immense energy. benefits

Increases the energy level of body and mind. All the organs get strength. In particular, the brain becomes active. People who are bedridden for days can also do this mudra for 40 minutes and get relief. If there is an intractable pain in any part of the body, by doing this Mudra you can feel the pain subside. Do it for at least 10 minutes daily and you can feel the positive change. Pains in fingers, stomach, shoulder, elbow, forearm, sole, thigh will be cured.

Students preparing for the exam can do it for 20 minutes early in the morning. Enthusiasm is born in the mind and can be actively prepared. Good feelings of self-confidence and determination will develop. If done continuously for three months, male impotence will be cured. People who participate in sports like swimming, running, weight lifting, boxing, if they do it daily, their mind will be strong. The body does not get tired.

Body pains like fatigue, back pain, neck pain due to work load will be cured. For those who do not know which mudra is right for us, those who cannot do two or three mudras in one day, just doing the same mudra will get a good solution. How to do it? All the five fingers should be brought together and the tip of the thumb should be touching the tips of the other four fingers. commands It can be done in a seated position. Sit on a chair with your spine straight and feet flat on the floor. Do not do while standing. While doing the seal, the palm and fingers should be facing upwards. Do this for five to 20 minutes. Everyone can do it.


Matangi Mudra is a sacred hand gesture or ‘seal,’ named after the Hindu Goddess Matangi. It is used as a means of relieving tension, improving digestive function, nourishing the circulatory and lymphatic systems, relieving anxiety and cultivating determination.

Matangi mudra can also help to strengthen the breathing impulse in the solar plexus, helping to restore energetic balance in this area.

Follow these steps to practice Matangi mudra:

  1. Come to a stable meditation posture.
  2. Bring your palms together at your solar plexus (navel center) with fingers interlaced.
  3. Point both middle fingers up and place them together.
  4. Direct your breath to the solar plexus or belly area.

This mudra can be practiced as often as required, for at least four minutes at a time. For maximum benefits, practice Matangi mudra three times per day.