Siddhargal Guru Poojai April-May 2024

Nithiyanandha Swamigal Polivakkam Thiruvallur
Nehru Swamigal, Maadakkulam, Madurai
Veera Muthanandha Swamigal, Vittaneri, Kalaiyarkovil, Sivagangai
Kaangeya Siddhar Naagoor, Nagappattinam
0511 Munusamy Siddhar, Periya Karumbur, Gummidipoondi, Tiruvallur
Pitchai Swamigal , Kunjanampatti, Dindigul
Potti Siddhar Muthiyalpet, Kanchipuram
Karumalai Siddhar, Vellalur, Coimbatore
Vishvanatha Swamigal Kaavapatti Krishnagiri
Vannara Paradesi Swamigal Villiyanur, Pondichery
Karapaathra Sivaprakasa Swamigal, Vyasarpadi, Chennai
Vivekanandha Swamigal, Aathur, Salem
Vishwanatha Swamigal, Narayana Mandal, Thiruppathi
Amirthalinga Swamu, Kosappettai, Vellore
Vittobanantha Swamy
Chiththiraimuthu Adigalar Kaikaattipudhur Avinasi
Sokkaiyaa Swamigal, Vaadipatti, Madurai
Kuzhanthaivel Swamigal, Mylapore, Chennai
Deiva Nayaga Swamigal, Maanoor, Palani, Dindigul
Rajaraja Swamigal Vellarai, Sriperumbuthur, Kanchipuram
Paranjothi Baba, Thiruvotriyur, Chennai
Kalpattu Swamigal Vadalur Cuddalore
Om Nadha Swamigal, Aappur, Singaperumal Kovil, Chengalpattu
Baikadi Kumara Baba , Vellarai Sriperumbuthur
Kongana Siddhar, Othiyur, kangeyam, Thiruppur
Siddhargal Thiruvadi Seva Trust - Annadhanam

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Siddhargal Thiruvadi Seva Trust is being exploring its interest towards spiritual pathway since 2020  and its aim to attain various social reforms  activities  and create spiritual awareness among the public viz., food to poorer, lighting to the inefficient maintenance of ancient temple and Jeeva Samadhi through providing oil and pooja/abishek items for  regular or specific period.  Renovation of ancient shiv temple and siddhar’s jeeva Samadhis by providing monetary assistance/things.  Also, create spiritual awareness to the public about the un-noticed siddhar peedams in and around Tamil Nadu by way of making videos and Live Broadcast through various social medias. Siddhargal Thiruvadi also educate among the public for natural and siddha medicine for disease free life and organise a good spiritual environment for attain the human birth goal.  Siddhargal Thiruvadi Seva Trust is collection of soul, mind to make success these activities with your join hands.
The following activities are undertaking and executing through Siddhargal Thruvadi Seva Trust as follows:
Trust Activities:
1.   Annadhanam to poorer and roadside helpless
2.  “Deepa Oli Etruvom” – Providing Pooja things for regular or specific period.
3.  Renovation of ancient temple / siddhar samadhis through supply of construction material or
monitory assistance
4.  Create spiritual awareness  among the public through various soucial medias by making
short videos
5.  “18 Siddhars Yaaga Pooja” every Pournami / Amavasai

Siddhar (Tamil: சித்தர் cittar, Sanskrit: siddha) describes a self-realised human being, who has attained spiritual powers called Siddhis. Their main objective however, was to experience Sivam, the supreme consciousness, in their respective human frame,[3] and share this knowledge with others, interested in following their path.

An ancient system of healthcare, now known as Siddhar Medicine, evolved from the Siddhars' understanding of the human body, in relation to the natural world. The basic tenets of this system are food and lifestyle. It is a holistic and sustainable way of delivering healthcare, as it is largely preventative and focused on rejuvenation and prolongation.

There is a saying, common amongst those familiar with the system, 'unave marunthu, marunthe unavu' (food is medicine, medicine is food). A rustic form of healing, inspired by Siddhar medicine, is practiced today by experienced elders in the villages of Tamil Nadu, referred to as 'paatti vaitthiyam' (grandmother's medicine) 'naattu marunthu' (folk medicine) and 'mooligai marutthuvam' (herbal medicine). The Siddhars also used pulse-reading to identify the origin of illnesses and physical conditions.

Their Powers:

The Siddhars had both major and minor Siddhis, these are described in detail in various tantric texts, like the Tirumantiram. They had the power to convert their mass to energy and thereby achieve teleportation to different galaxies without any external means. They were also able to move their awareness into lifeless bodies, reanimating them; as in the case of Sundaranandar transferring his being into the body of the dead cowherd Moolan, because the cows Moolan had been tending to were mourning their loss and as such Sundaranandar felt sorry for them.

1. Anima -- To reduce one's self to become as tiny as the atom within an atom
2. Laghima -- To make one's self become as light as vapour
3. Mahima -- To have the grace of Sivam and become great and glorious in one's self
4. Prapti -- To transcend one's desires
5. Prakamya -- To 'transmigrate' one's self into the mortal coils of other beings
6. Isavatam -- To be lord of all creation, to be omni-potent and be inextricably one with Sivam
7. Vasitvam -- To be in all things, to be omni-pervasive, to perceive Sivam in all beings that come within one's reach
8. Kamarutatva -- To be everywhere and pervade all space, to be omnipresent and visit all worlds with one's physical body inert and stationary

My Guru

Puravipalayam Kodi Swamigal

18 Siddhars (Pathinen Siddhargal) Mandhras / Potri