What is Jeeva Samadhi

Jeevasamadhi means Jeevan + Samam + Adi. It means equalizing the life that came from the primordial Lord. Sages, yogis, siddhas, sadhus etc. are following strict morals and high morals in life to conquer the mind with the knowledge of siddha. They keep the body and soul immaculate.

The art of Siddha is to unify the turbulent life and make oneself supreme. Thirumoolar says, ‘I don’t want to know myself.’ Everyone said that the only way to reach God is ‘Anpumargam’. Devotees are those who are trying to see God. But the enlightened ones are Siddhas.

Yog means way in Sanskrit. A yogi is one who has found the way to see God. Yogasrama is said to be the ashram where the yogi resides in a mudra such as Chin or Adi, which removes sins, removes suffering, and contemplates the Lord.

Attainment is not a state of ending. Salvation is achieved after performing the things appointed by the Lord within a period of time. But, the power and grace of that sage make them stay in this universe, and they are reunited with the Lord. Being in a state of trance is also described as the pinnacle of yoga practice.

Importance of Jeeva Samadhi

In the whole of India so many saints in jeeva samadhis are present. These saints enter live in to the samadhi state. The physical body of the saint remains alive even after 1000s of years. So when a seeker of truth visits the jeeva samadhis he gets the blessings of the saints and also he is put in to the right track of enlightenment by the saints. These jeeva samadhis are nothing but energy fields. So when a seeker of truth enters the temple the excess energy gets into his chakras which in turn takes him to a higher level of consciousness. In India it is an age-old custom that when a person starts his inner journey first he has to visit all the living saints and the samadhis of all the saints and all the holy temples. In India there is a saying that when a person receives the glance of the saints all his sins will get burnt and his heart will get pure. Then he can have a glimpse of his inner soul (aathman). But mere visiting will not help. Only when you approach the Jeeva Samadhi with purest affection and awe for the saint in your heart, then only many things start happening inside your body.

Thirumoolar about Jeeva Samadhi

Thirumoolar says that only their physical and mental movement has stopped and life is not separated from the body. Such dignitaries, who have joined the Lord as Lord, should be buried with the help of their disciples following a certain formal rite of Jivasamadhi. This type of method is called ‘Samadhi-kiriya’. In his book Thirumantram, Thirumoolar explains in his book Thirumantram about all the rituals like how to dig a pit, how to make a dungeon and how to keep the body. He emphasized the necessity of setting up the body of Tavayogis with clear wisdom in Jeeva Samathi like no one else.